Lecture Hall (South)

This five-story building has rooms of all sizes, from a 500-seat lecture hall to classrooms for small-group seminars and workshops. All rooms are equipped for giving PC-based or audio-visual presentations.
Four language labs on the third and fourth floors have CALL (computer-assisted language learning) and audio-visual equipment. A language practice room on the third floor can be used for individual second language study, to practice for certification tests such as TOEIC (Teaching of English for International Communication), to borrow learning materials, or to study using audio and video materials.
The Lecture Hall (South) is joined by a covered walkway to Tower 75, which houses the Office of Academic and Student Affairs and the Career Center, giving worry-free access even on rainy days.

Lecture Hall (North)

This is the northernmost building on the Tempaku Campus and contains lecture rooms, a student hall, and frequently used rooms such as self-learning rooms and laboratories. All rooms have video recorder/players, DVD players, and other audio-visual equipment including projectors and screens.
Meijo Hall holds 600 people and has a simultaneous interpretation booth. Other facilities making for a complete learning environment include a mock courtroom for law students.
The building boasts plenty of natural ventilation and lighting, while a portion of the air conditioning and lighting is powered by renewable energy such as solar power.

Laboratory Building I

This building houses state-of-the-art test facilities used in research by the Faculty of Agriculture. The first floor has joint labs for students doing biology-related experiments, while the second to fourth floors house research rooms and labs for each of the faculty’s departments.
Particularly striking is a joint lab with a large shaft that boasts flexible ventilation and abundant natural lighting. Students can work in safety thanks to features such as emergency shower stations on every floor.

Laboratory Building II

Completed in March 2013, this building has four floors above ground and one below.
The basement has student labs for conducting a variety of tests and analysis, while the first to fourth floors have research rooms and labs used by various departments including two new ones. The lobby has a high vaulted ceiling, giving it a spacious, open atmosphere and making it a popular gathering place for students.
(Current as of May 2012. Facilities configuration may change.)

Innovative Science and Technology Building

LEDs are known as a long-lasting, low-temperature, energy-efficient form of lighting. Meijo University has been the site of some of the world’s leading LED research, including the development of the world’s first high-brightness blue LED, carried out by Professor Isamu Akasaki and other leading scientists. To ensure that research successes are used for the good of society, in April 2011 a joint research base was established to conduct work with research institutes and private companies. This is paving the way for Meijo University to be an industry leader that uses state-of-the-art facilities to conduct LED research covering everything from substrate fabrication and crystal growth to LED mounting and assessment.

Mock Courtroom

The mock courtroom is laid out exactly like the real thing, complete with judges bench, public gallery, and consultation chamber.

Mock Pharmacy

This room has all the equipment of a functional prescription pharmacy, allowing students to realistically study every step of the process, including signing in customers in the waiting room and registering their medicinal information, issuing prescription drugs, consulting on medical conditions, and providing information on relevant pharmaceuticals. A state-of-the-art ordering system adds to a practical experience that closely simulates actual work in the medical field.

Virtual City Space Creation and Evaluation System

Meijo University is the only university in Japan’s Tokai region with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment for advance virtual evaluation of urban planning and landscapes.
This state-of-the-art information processing facility boasts midrange computers, multimedia equipment, and high-speed computers capable of simulating and evaluating virtual cityscapes.

Faculty of Agriculture Farm

This agricultural land in the center of Kasugai City covers an expansive 130,000 m2. Ideal for practical training and experiments to aid in agricultural learning, it has fields growing grains, fruit, vegetables, and flowers, a forest, a livestock barn, a hill covered with flowers and other vegetation, a large lawn, and a sports field.
In the store in the main building, students sell the fresh vegetables they have so carefully raised. They also conduct farming activities with local residents. Meijo University makes efforts to create an environmentally friendly farm by placing zero-waste toilets and making mulch from fallen leaves.