The City of Nagoya

Regional Attraction and Merit

The average monthly living expenses for a foreign student are shown below. Nagoya, where Meijo University is located, is lower than the Tokyo or Osaka regions and lower than the national average.

National Average Monthly Expenditures

The City of Nagoya

Nagoya, the city where Meijo University is located, is one of Japan's three major metropolitan centers. Situated at the geographic center of the country, Nagoya offers quick access via Shinkansen bullet train to Japan's capital of Tokyo as well as the city of Kyoto, one of the nation's premier sightseeing destinations. Nagoya is home to many companies associated with global automotive-industry leader Toyota Motor Corporation, and as is evidenced by such endeavors as the Linear Chuo Shinkansen rail line scheduled to enter service in 2027, it drives the government, economy, and culture of Japan's central Chubu region. As the homeland of the Tokugawa shogunate, even today Nagoya is also dotted with temples and art museums that afford glimpses of the era when Japan's feudal warriors flourished.